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Cute story about magical warriors. Choices seemed to me not important, but then I realized I was wrong.

I like this game, but I have a question.

In character description Zacharie's pronouns are they/them, but in demo people use he/him. I don't understand, why, and it doesn't seem right.


ABSOLUTELY adorable game!!! i only wish that i had the option to be a bit nicer to ethan... i feel bad about the nonsense i put him through, teasing him, ditching him at the cafe, etc. 

This game is so cute

Any updates on this?

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Is this game abandoned/on-hiatus? I remember playing this years ago and I can’t find any recent updates from the creator.

Edit: The creator is still working on the project and recently updated the Kickstarter! :)

Is it still?

I haven't even played but this already looks good


So is the full game done? Where can we get that?


I see black magical girls and I immediately downloaded it. 


OOOooh I loved this game more than I thought I would! I don't typically consume magical girl media, but this I really loved.

My thoughts:

I was initially confused as to which was the princess and which was the knight, but that was clarified later on! Diana and Rosalia's relationship was so adorable, I hope they get together T_T 

Dog valerie is insanely adorable. :p I loved the relationship she had with her friends. All the little inset pictures to show what they were talking about (like when Sophie and Valerie were comparing their Miracle Links) really added flavor to the story.

It was great to see all the diversity of body shapes in the game! Sometimes in VNs all of the girls look super thin. It was nice to see a girl with abs (Amber) and friend shaped girls as well!!!! It really added realism to the story, odd as it may seem <3

I look forward to seeing the finished product, great job!!


AHHHH SO CUTE when its gonna be finished?

Hello ✿

I loved the game, but unfortunately, the game doesn't have it in Portuguese (Brazil) ⍨ I would love it if I had (● ˇ∀ˇ ●)

But, the game its AMAZING ❤

I really loved this game. It feels like a classic magical series with lots of great characters and is so open and inclusive that it puts a smile on my face.


This game make's me cry!!!! T-T The heartfelt parts hurt my poor heart so bad~! The art, and characters are so FRICKEN GOOD!!!! But, is this project still continued? Its not one of those unfinished projects...RIGHT??? I Cant just hook up on a game and get my heart broken again... T-T Also, very good.

I shall ease your mind for my own fear has led to minor research on activity, and i can state that its not even close to being cancelled at this moment (If you already know then i apologize for snagging your time uwu)

I didn't know up until now, thank you for telling me this! uwu

This was adorable!! I really enjoyed it a lot. I'm curious as to where the story goes next, and I really like all of the characters so far. Definite favorite is Zacharie: they are perfect and to die for!!

I appreciated the representation in this game, and I think for what it is, you've made something really nice!


The art and story are very cute, but as someone who's watched a lot of precure, I was very bored by the story. I found myself struggling to read dialogue because I figured it'd be predictable either way. I really liked the designs and the main character was really likable! I'm not sure why I thought it'd be any different from the generic magical girl animes out there right now, it wasn't advertised that way at all, so I don't really have any right to be disappointed. Anyways, as a fan of more grimdark stuff, I wouldn't recommend this, but it's obvious a lot of work went into the final product and I really respect that! <3 I hope this project does well so we can see more mahou shoujo vns in the future! :D


My review:

This game was excellent! Instead of being called a demo, I would have called it Magical Warrior Diamond Hearts season 1, because it really felt like you were watching (or playing through) a season of a magical girls anime. It was lengthy in a good way, and felt complete.  You got to play through a story arc from start to finish, which is rare in VN demos but is something I appreciate. The art felt authentic to the magical girl anime style, especially the transformation art.

Some personal opinions:

My favorite character by far was Valerie, she was such a good example of a successful main character. She had her own distinct personality, and was still likeable, but had her flaws too. I also loved Clover and Liam to death! The characters I liked in order then were Alex, Sophie, then Ethan.

I was pretty ambivalent towards Zacharie. I wanted to like him but he just didn't have enough of a personality to me. I also would have altered his character design, I would have preferred he looked more androgynous, to me he looked 100% female. Some height and broad shoulders would have been a good addition.

I actively disliked Diana and Amber (sorry!). They didn't mesh well with the group and didn't seem to need to be there. Having Amber take up a place on the magical girl team annoyed me because I would have rather that spot be taken up by a new classmate of Valerie's. Amber was also confusing in the game, because she simultaneously is addressed by both Amber and Amy, and her hair when transformed (when you see her first) is a natural blonde, but her hair untransformed is dark brown- it took me a while to realize that she was the same character.

The writing was excellent, the plot was well-crafted and was very accurate to the magical girls genre.

Overall one of the best demos on to date and I highly recommend this game.


As a fantasy girl, I love this! When the full version comes, i'll be very excited cuz Valerie just met Chandra and I understand it was a lot but I hope the full version comes out soon!

just a question, are there any routes available in the demo version as of now?


How is the progress coming along?

I love this game so much

As a person who loves the Magical Girl genre I have to say you have a gem here. It feels every bit like participating in a magical girl story and I can't wait for the full version.

Quick question: How much is gonna be the full game? With the full content and all? So I can start putting some money aside to buy it!

Voice acting is still not implemented?

it is not. The voice acting will be implemented in the final game!


I've heard the voice acting samples on the Characters page and I think the actors did a decent job with what they were given, and I've watched the VA video previews on your Patreon page and it was alright, though I think it would be nice if the characters actually spoke the dialogue. But all in all, it makes me really anticipated for what the final build brings. Good work.


I feel like im the magical girl... I LOVE IT!!!


I love it!! I rlly want to know how this is gonna end!

so adicctable! love it!

OMG!!!!! I don't even know what to say but I LOVED IT!!

Not too often find female characters of a different complexion but haven't tried game yet.

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This is really nice, but it seems cliche and or rushed in some parts like how Clover joined them in her episode. How they defeat the bad guys is sorta weird too, it's a pattern of :bad guy comes in, injures the current crystal warriors, new character comes in, transforms, defeats bad guy almost single-handedly. Despite all of these, I really like it and am looking forward for more.


You kindad described how Sailor Moon's episodes filed in the new heroes.


This demo was really good. I cannot wait to play the full game. When is it out?

i know i'm late to respond, but they should be releasing the full game sometime in 2020


I walked into the cafe and all I saw was Hajime and Byakuya xD

I approve of this comment.


I really love this game! I love the characters and the music. When the demo ended, I was about to cry. I wanted so much to continue the game! Is there a release date? and will the full game will be paid?

there is not a full release date yet! It will have a full and a paid version when it is complete :^) thank you and im glad you enjoyed it!

I'm in the midst of Chapter Five and I just started giggling with glee this is a DELIGHT

Currently on chapter FOUR, wow. This is a spectacular demo and I'm so glad to be getting the short version of the chapters so, when I buy this, I can properly appreciate the finished product!

...Serious kudos for the length of this demo, though, I'm on episode three and just. Wow.

Okay. So I like this, particularly the characters that are developing. If the author is interested in constructive criticism, I would suggest that she ditch the 'oversleeping' cliche, or at least establish her oversleeping as out of character.

I really do like the art style and the different characters, especially Zacharie and Liam.

Nice demo. Very long as for demo of visual novel.

Interesting, funny. colorful story :) with nice characters, and a lot plot twists and meaningful choices. 

Good artstyle. All characters are good looking and they have their own stories, personalities and role. 

I like it. And maybe even I'm waiting for more... hehe    

just finished the demo...and DAMN!!!!! when will this be realesd?!?! I WANT IIIIT!!!!!!! 10/10 best game ever loved it! :D

you are amazing btw!

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