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The crystal Kingdom of Chalcedonia was once a beautiful place, under the rule of the Princess Rosalia, they lived happy peaceful lives. Until one day, monsters called Nightmares destroyed the kingdom. Princess Rosalia and her fairy knight Diana hid deep in the castle, praying that their last hope, the magical Rose Crystal Mirror would produce a miracle, and save their home, however, they were attacked by the leader of the Nightmare Agency, Druzy.  Diana fought helplessly before finding herself transported Earth, but her Princess was nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately, the nightmares began to attack this new world too. Valerie Amaranth, an ordinary 16-year-old, has her world changed forever when she receives the powers of the Legendary Crystal Warrior Diamond Heart. Now with the help of Diana, she must find her allies, defeat the Nightmares, and rescue the missing princess Rosalia.

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Comedy, Action

Rating: 13+ for Violence, blood, drug reference, language, and crude humor. Click here for a more detailed content warning list.

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Magical Warrior Diamond Heart is an in-progress otome visual novel created by Dreamy Pyon. This game is inspired by magical girl anime. Play as Valerie Amaranth and decide the fate of the world, eat delicious donuts, and even smooch lots of cuties! Will Val defeat the Nightmares, make new friends, and perhaps find the love of her life along the way? Or will she meet her tragic end? Your choices decide her fate and the fate of humanity in this magical visual novel! The game features a diverse cast of characters from varying racial/ethnic backgrounds and LGBT+ dating options.

This is the DLC for Alex Harvey's Route which will contain everything from the free-to-play version as well as:

  • ONE (1) cute boy to smooch! That's right! You get to play through Alex's storyline, and you even get the honor of kissing him on the mouth. Or maybe not. Your choices decide which ending you get after all.

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Please note that all assets such as artwork and sounds are yet to be finalized. This demo is meant to give you an idea of the full game but doesn't fully represent the final product in mind. 

Some artworks, music, sounds, may be missing or unavailable! 

Published 16 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorDreamy Pyon

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