Small update + Bug Fixes

Some nasty bugs needed to be fixed and along with it that means a few other changes that I had been working on in the mean time have come along with it

This does not add any new chapters!


  • Fixed a bug in the main build that caused the tutorial to loop in the last section
  • Fixed a bug in e6 from Amber's name
  • Added voice acting for Nolan (CV: Belsheber Rusape Jr.) and Elizabeth (CV:Elissa Park) in some scenes
  • Added more voice acting for all characters and sound effects to eps 1-10.
  • New custom cursor for stabbing your friends with
  • Revamped Gallery layout with mini sprite fashion gallery (only 2-3 outfits)
  • Liam's introductory CG and Alex's e5 CG have been revamped
  • General typos and grammar fixes (eps 1-9 and Alex e13) as well as some dialogue adjustments for Lotus, Clover, Alex, and Amber
  • Zacharie's nose flesh no longer floats in episode 12 before the pillow fight
  • Clover no longer inexplicably changes into her casual clothes after attempting to murder her classmate in e4


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Magical Warrior Diamond Heart [1-13 Demo] - PC 675 MB
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Magical Warrior Diamond Heart [1-13 Demo] - MAC 669 MB
Version 14 73 days ago

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