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Nice demo. Very long as for demo of visual novel.

Interesting, funny. colorful story :) with nice characters, and a lot plot twists and meaningful choices. 

Good artstyle. All characters are good looking and they have their own stories, personalities and role. 

I like it. And maybe even I'm waiting for more... hehe    

just finished the demo...and DAMN!!!!! when will this be realesd?!?! I WANT IIIIT!!!!!!! 10/10 best game ever loved it! :D

you are amazing btw!

Is this going to have voice acting in the near future?

super cute!

hello from tumblr! Neat!!

loved the demo it's so Cute  . made me think of Sailor moon in a way . 

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Heyo, Cannot wait till the full release. Haven't tried it , BUT because of the positive comments and the awesome engaging story line, I'm really hoping i will love it. -Blood

Ahhh this game is so positive and fun and cute it makes me so happy!! I can't wait for the full release!!! :D


Just what I was looking for :D

I had played another magical girl VN, and was looking for others when this popped up. I love the character diversity, and there were quite a few hilarious moments as well. Definitely looking forward to the full version!

I also made a let's play, and plan to cover the rest of the game in the near future. Hope this helps!

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#BlackAnimeGirlMagicMy edges were SNATCHED!

The racial diversity in this game was amazing! The story is very interesting and I feel the execution is going well. Comedy is flawless, there are many points in this VN that will have you screaming.

I must thank the GD for making such a beautiful black female protagonist. You are showing girls who look like Valerie and love anime are being represented and that's what I love the most.

Thank you so much for making this great Vn


I also made a video on this game if you don't have the time to read it:


this post made me smile a lot lol. i watched the video too and I liked it a lot, im glad you enjoyed the demo so much!

Love this game!!!!!!!

OMG this is so freaking cute~ I'm already shipping people up!

Is looking good so far ! :)

The best visual novel game I have ever played!! I can't wait for the full version~!

i cant download this, how can i download it?

The download link is at the bottom of the page it should start downloading right away

This game is great, I hope a full release happens soon. I love the outfits , the magical girl plotline and the awesome chracters of color, good job.

WE NEED MORE AHHHH<333 amazing work so far!


Need full game! We want moaaar


This is awesome; when is the full release though?? :((

pleaseee i gotta knowww


yeah me too i gotta knoww pls this game is the best game ever, by the way great Job!! like really ❤

Possibly my favorite otome game I have ever played! The art is already so beautiful and all the subtle character feature and backgrounds! My word! I can't wait until the full release, It's so wonderful, magical girl game? Yes please.

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