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This was really short to get a true grasp of anything that was going on. I know it's a fools joke and, it was cute but, just hard to get what was going on.

Im hurt! Baffled! Astounded!
Honestly, though, if I hadn't just moved and was a little strapped for cash, I woulda just let you keep my money. I so badly want for you to succeed!

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why have you betrayed  me !!!! come on i really thought the game was finished 

D: but anyway it kinda fun in the end and i still feel betrayed (T__T)

and hope you finish the game next time :D

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I feel cheated.


Happy Easter Fools Day! Even though its a joke, still download the game if you wanna read a short silly story featuring the MWDH cast

If you have stumbled on this and don't know about the game already consider playing the Demo

I didn't realize I left the donation option on, if you want to pay consider it a donation toward the development of the real full game. if you paid on accident please request a refund via itch