Episode 8-12 now available

Updated to include episodes 8-12! Episodes 9 and 11 split off into different versions of that episode. Some branches are currently unavailable and will be added in along with the Liam split of episode 13 very soon

Notable changes from the original demo:

  • Most of the original CGs have been updated, some new CGs have been added to the original seven episodes.
  • All new sprites! They're all fancy and new and many of them have fun animations now
  • Affection screen to track the characters friendship/romance!  levels are as follows no hearts: 0-10 points, grey: 10-20, purple: 20-30, blue: 30-40, green, 40-50, yellow: 50-60, orange 60-70, pink: 70-79, rainbow: max affection. 
  • Android is more or less officially supported.  I am aware of a few of the major bugs with it namely the gallery doesn't work and episode 10's wordle minigame is unplayable, however please contact me if you run into any other issues on mobile devices
  • Icons in the save screen that corelate with whichever character has the highest affection!
  • There is a Gallery now! The gallery is broken on mobile devices however.
  • GUI has been tweaked a bit and is still in progress. The Prefs screen says that the two fonts available are verdana and open dyslexic. verdana has been replace with quicksand 

The OG demo was about 34k words, with these additional episodes it's now about 118k words, so there's quite a decent chunk of story added in!


MagicalWarriorDiamondHeart-1.0-pc.zip 530 MB
Nov 02, 2022
MagicalWarriorDiamondHeart-1.0-mac.zip 497 MB
Nov 02, 2022
diamondheart-release.apk 544 MB
Nov 02, 2022

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I'm so excited!! Congrats on the update and the new sprites and CGs!! Can't wait to play it <3