Episode 11 (Zacharie and Alex) and Episode 13 (Liam) Now available!

Happy Valentines day! Well... It's still Valentine's somewhere while I'm typing this. And my gift for you is more content for the public demo!

Those of you waiting on the private KS update hold on tight because you guys will be getting new content as well!

Like last time this build contains quite a few differences from the last:

  • New CGs to collect. this includes older, previously uncollectable ones as well. Chibi CGs are now collectable. And so is the title card. Go back to previous episodes to add them to your gallery! Unlock the title card by viewing the completed version of it in episode 7
  • Speaking of title cards: The title card has been redone entirely :3 Writing credits are now on each card
  • Episode 12's slumber party CG is finally in. I couldn't decide which scene to add it in. (And I didn't. It's in two scenes lol)
  • Episode 11 has been updated with Alex and Zacharie's plot. Just as Liam and Clover, you can collect a new CG with high enough affection with the two of them.
  • You can hang out with Liam and Alex during the Halloween Party in Episode 10. This scene comes with a new CG image so go back and collect it!
  • Liam's story in Episode 13 is now available! Some of you might have played it a few months ago, This update does include more scenes and extra variations to Liam's dialogue depending on your affection with him... As well as your relationship with his best friend Alex.
  • General bug fixes, grammar and typo fixes, and Art tweaks. Sophie's bedroom and the Ice Cream parlor have new backgrounds by the talented BackgroundTK. Zacharie's home exterior is by them as well <3
  • Major UI adjustments, especially for the gallery. Mobile players no longer have to worry about getting trapped in there. ;w; Also the font toggle for Open Dyslexic now effects all the fonts and not just the text box. More accessibility adjustments to come soon <3

Again some episodes might be missing sounds or music... And there are potential bugs with the gallery as theres been a ton of adjustments. as well as the help pages.


diamondheart-release.apk E1-13 645 MB
Feb 15, 2023
MagicalWarriorDiamondHeart PC E1-13 624 MB
Feb 15, 2023
MagicalWarriorDiamondHeart Mac E1-13 591 MB
Feb 15, 2023

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