Update: Bug fixes, Art Tweaks, and New accessibility options,

Not a major episode update but i HIGHLY recommend updating your build! This contains bug fixes, updated art for side characters and npcs,  Molly, Abigail, and the generic Girl and Boy sprites all have upgraded sprites. Val's phone texts have been upgraded to nighten's NVL phone. The fake video chats are mostly redone to use layered sprites as well. The "Peeking is very good actually" choice in e11 contains the full conversations for the texts between Liam and Alex and Liam and Valerie. 

But the biggest thing I wanted to share is the new preferences I've added in! Dark mode should work on computer and Android. theres 3 different font size options for computer and 2 for android. as well as three font options now, quicksand, open dyslexic, and hyperlegible. self voicing is the toggle for the built in renpy engine self voicing which is not available on mobile devices.  Sound Captions should be available for all music, so you can see the names of the songs from the OST if you like :) Sound captions for the sound effects arent all in yet however. 


Magical Warrior Diamond Heart [1-13 Demo] - MAC 555 MB
Mar 31, 2023
Magical Warrior Diamond Heart [1-13 Demo] - PC 588 MB
Mar 31, 2023
Magical Warrior Diamond Heart [1-13 Demo] -APK 605 MB
Mar 31, 2023

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